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January/February 2015

Introducing - VERSION 2 Gunhead 7x CNC Lathe

We invented this CNC lathe to make the products from our paintball division. The mini-lathe has been the absolutely most useful tool in our shop. The CNC lathe we are now releasing is derived and upgraded from the ones we currently have in operation producing parts nearly night and day.
If volume production is a need, this will deliver. A Turnkey System or an easy to assemble Kit will be, as we know, the best investment one can make.


7x CNC Lathe Ordering

The Gunhead 7x CNC Lathe will arrive completely operational and ready to use. All you have to do is make room for it on a bench or table, connect it to a computer running you favorite CAM software, and you are good to go.

This solid little machine is made of cast iron, giving it the mass and rigidity to cut tougher metals such as iron, brass, steel. Numerous improvements have been made to 7x lathe design to make it even more accurate and reliable. This machine is small, but it is not a toy. You will get professional and repeatable results with it.
(see Features on the right)

This is what you need if you are looking to increase your machining output or the complexity of your parts.  A computer controlled machine tool is amazing in action. The CNC lathe won’t be impeded by operations that were once tedious or just plain impossible for a human operator.

V2 CNC Turnkey Lathe $2940
The Turnkey Lathe comes with all hardware mounted to a new 7x lathe, and electronics come complete, assembled, and tested. Just uncrate and bolt to the surface of choice. (Tailstock and deadcenter included; Not Pictured)

V2 CNC 7x Kit $1999

The Gunhead CNC Lathe KIT is for those who already own a 7x lathe and wish to upgrade to precession automation. The same improvements that come with the Turnkey system are also part of the KIT. This KIT is a complete conversion. Nothing about this KIT is clamp on or temporary. Unlike other cheap inaccurate alternatives, this conversion replaces all drive components with anti-backlash compensated leadscrew, delivering accuracies up to 0.0005. The electronics come unassembled. Detailed step by step instructions are included to clearly show how to mount the hardware. All you need to do is drill and tap 7 holes and you are ready to go. (drills and taps included with the KIT)

V2 Hardware ONLY $999

The Hardware ONLY option are for those who already have electronics to drive their CNC lathe, or want to build the circuits themselves. The Hardware ONLY kit comes with leadscrew designed for both axis, bearings, and mounts setup for Nema23 motors. (See pics below) Everything but the actual lathe and electronics are included.

V2 Interface BOX $999

The Interface BOX is for those who either have a Gunhead Hardware ONLY kit, or for those who need a 2 Axis CNC controller. The controller is based on Stepper Motor Drivers, Dip switch selectable resolutions of 1,1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64. Kit comes unassembled

Videos & Pictures

Lathe Video Side to Side
Lathe Video Concentric Half Circles
Lathe Video Zig-Zagging
Lathe Video Full Circles
Lathe Video Large and small Zig-Zagging
Videos not playing? Click here

Features CNC Lathe

  • New in Version 2 (V2):
    - Longer 27" bed. 16" between centers.
    - 4" Chuck, as opposed to 3" on Version 1.
    - 4 Axis control box, more axis on the way.
    - Compact design, smaller footprint than Version 1.

    Performance specifications carry over:
    - Fully assembled and tested Lathe and drive electronics. (see pictures and videos)
    - The CNC motor mounts are made of 7075 aluminum.
    - The X & Z-axis uses a combination thrust and needle bearing arrangement.
    - ½” leadscrew on Z-Axis paired with 150lb antibacklash nuts. There is zero backlash.
    - 3/8” leadscrew on X-Axis paired with 110lb antibacklash nuts. There is zero backlash.
    - Powerful motors (282 oz/inch on the X-axis and 395 oz/inch on the Z-axis. No need to worry about lost steps.
    - Resolution 0.0005” per step (both axis)
    - Stepper Motor Drivers, Dip switch selectable resolutions, 1,1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64.
    - Simple cable assignments.
    - Fused power supply.
    - Precision leadscrews on both X and Z axis.
    - Buffered parallel port input.
    - 4 axis interface box
    - Small footprint. Put it anywhere.
    - Easily transportable. Crane not needed.
    - X-axis motor located behind carriage providing balance to the normally front  heavy original.
    - Improved carriage gib system. Eliminating torsion cause by cutting.
    - Spindle speed sensor. Cut threads on the fly with automatic RPM compensation.

Shipping & Leadtime

- Current Leadtime : 25 business days
- Shipping method : Fedex or UPS
Please allow up to 7 days for Fedex freight to deliver Turnkey System. Kits are sent via regular ground service, up to 5 days. Both are trackable.
- Expedited shipping available. 2-day for Domestic.

- International Orders outside Canada please email